General Rules & Regulations:

2. Any American made car can run with the following exceptions: Must be 1980 & Newer Full-Size cars with the wheelbase of at least 113” or more. 4x4’s, ambulances, hearses, trucks or limousines. No manipulating a
wagon’s roof to create a sedan on a fresh car.
3. All drivers must sign driver’s paperwork before being inspected or they will not run the event.
4. Drivers must wear a seat belt, helmet & fire suit jacket.
5. All drivers must attend the pit meeting before each event. Driver’s meeting are always approx. 30 minutes
before the event showtime.
6. No drivers are allowed any alcohol or drugs before their event. If found drinking alcohol or under the influence while wearing a driver’s band you will be disqualified for the remainder of the event.
7. Cars may be inspected before any prize money is paid out.
8. There is a $250 protest fee, must be paid by a driver in the main event. Driver must have cash in hand directly after the feature in order to protest. If the car is found illegal the car will be disqualified.
9. Any complaints that a driver has about another car prior to the start of the first heat will need to be addressed in the drivers meeting in specifics. If nothing is said, we don’t want to hear about it after
10. call before you assume something will pass. If it is not in the rules and doesn’t tell you, you can do it, then don’t! We can’t stress that enough!! CALL FIRST!!!
11. DO NOT paint anywhere on suspension, frame or interior of car. If done, we will
not even inspect your car.
12. Judges decisions are FINAL!!!!!

Show Rules:

1. You have 1 minute to make an aggressive hit. After 1 minute that car is disqualified. That is 1-minute total. An aggressive hit is solely at the discretion of the officials.
3. You are given 2 fires- 1st one we put out and the 2nd one you are done for that round.
4. Rollovers- you may keep going as long as car is deemed safe.
5. Watch the officials. If they are trying to get your attention, there is a reason.
6. No holding or pinning, you must back up and show day light. You may not pin to win!


Car Preparation:

1. No Fresh Paint or Undercoating on the frames at all. No buffing or grinding frames or bodies except where welding is specifically allowed in these rules. No painting in the interior of the car.
2. All cars must be stock, unless modification is stated in the rules.
3. All glass, plastic, chrome, and interior must be removed from car before arriving to the derby.
4. All trailer hitches and braces must be removed.
5. Batteries must be moved to passenger front floorboard. They must be properly secured and covered.
6. You must have a number in bright colors on each front door and must have at least the size of a 15”x15” sign on
the roof of your car with car number on it for judging and recognition of the car.
You cannot use the roof sign to strengthen the car.
7. All cars must have working brakes when you cross the ramp. If the car is not able to exhibit the ability to stop it will not be inspected.
8. NO welding other than what is mentioned in this set of rules. If your car is found with any weld, other than what is allowed, and you refuse to fix it to the judge’s satisfaction, you and your car will not run!!

1. Remove all glass mirrors and plastic. Remove all decking in wagons Vehicles must be swept clean of all debris
2. No sedagons, ZERO crease enhancement, ZERO sheet metal or frame shaping, forming or folding.
3. Deck and Hood must be 100% in stock location and open for inspection. After inspection you may tuck
trunk with a single 90-degree bend.
4. Anything can be removed; NOTHING can be added!!!
5. Fasten trunks, hoods, tail gates in 4 places, 2 strands of #9 wire. You may weld doors 6 inches total on each vertical seam only2”x1/8” Strap. Drivers door may be welded 12 inches total on vertical seams
only. 2” x 1/8” strap. Do not weld hood or trunk!
6. Body mounts and spacers to remain stock and in place. If they are broken or rusted out, a single piece
#9 wire may be substituted. No body bolt changing allowed. DO NOT EVEN TOUCH THEM Exception: You may replace two front body mounts with two 3/4 inch threaded rod with eight 3-inch washers and 4 nuts, Bottom nut and washer must be inside frame and may extend through hood. ZERO welding allowed to mount this rod.
7. #9 wire or chain required in front windshield.

1. NO welding on frames allowed.
2. No suspension modifications allowed. Must remain strictly stock. ZERO aftermarket parts.
3. You may use 2 twist in spring spacers per side (store bought, no homemade)
4. You may use a single strand #9 wire to hold coil spring to rear end and leaf sprung cars may use 4 single
strands #9 wire as leaf clamps.
TIRES/WHEELS Tires no bigger than 16 inches, No split rims, No studded tires. Doubled tires are ok. NO foam filled drive tires for the arena shows for safety reasons.

Drive Train: ANY drivetrain allowed with the following criteria.

1. Only the lower stock engine mounts may be welded to cradle only. You may use two 1/2" thick spacers to raise engine to clear steering components, may not exceed rubber mount area. You may extend off back of cradle but nothing excessive, 1/2" flat plate only (example SBC in Caddy, Mopar)

2. No tranny protectors, stock mounting only, stock crossmembers only. No welding You may weld rear end gears only.
3. Rear end swaps allowed: no bracing, no welding, no re-enforcement. Max axle size 31 spline, Ford, GM or Mopar Clarification: All must be factory axles (cast flanges) and rear ends, must be a direct bolt-in, NO fabricating or welding allowed of axles or rear end (inside or outside) so no 9 inch rear ends or 8 lugs
4. You may run 1 piece of 3/8” standard chain from rear end around the frame OR 2 strands of #9 from rear end to frame, nothing thru body (# 9 wire can have 2 loops, 4 strands together in center twist only.)
One or the other, can’t do both.
5. Floor shifters allowed, headers allowed, gas pedals, Clarification: None may strengthen car.
6. Lower engine cradles only. No pulley protectors, skid plates, protectors of any kind, no aftermarket parts
of this nature at all.
7. You may swap engines, example: Chevy in a Ford.
8. Slider drive shafts are allowed

Driver Compartment
1. 4-point square cage only with one 2x3 down tube to sheet metal only per side. max 60-inch side bars 6- inch max. Halo bar allowed to back seat bar or floor sheet metal. Gas tank must be mounted horizontally and 8 inches off floor. No Gas Tank Protector.
2. Drivers door must be padded.
3. Gas tank and battery must be moved and secured. Tank behind the seat, Battery centered in the passenger
front floor.
4. Nothing may be mounted in a way that strengthens the car.
5. Trans coolers allowed. Must be mounted inside 4-point cage area.
1. You may weld on any stock bumper, you may weld the stock bumper bracket for the car or the bumper to frame 4 inches from the back of bumper, single pass only.
• In addition, you may put 4 one inch welds on back side of bracket or to weld shock inside frame (example Crown Vics). All bumper material longer than 4” back must be removed.
2. Shocks may be collapsed and welded. All shocks and brackets in stock location only and extended one inch in front of frame.
• •

ALL bumper brackets and shocks must be in stock location.
You may shorten to one inch in front of the core support space and hard nose with no shocks or brackets on car.
You may chain, one piece of chain per side BOLTED from the mount to mount to hold on the bumper. Only welding allowed is doors, bumper, engine mount, cage and rearend gears



80 and Newer Bone Stock Demo