Driver Entry

  1. Drivers must be at least 16 years old. Under 18 years old must have a parental release.
  2. Drivers may have one rider if so desired. This rider must be registered as a rider prior to start of events and also pay an additional entry fee. Riders must also abide by all event regulations. If you register as a driver you must remain the driver throughout the event. Only the driver will be eligible for any money awarded.
  3. Drivers are responsible for passenagers actions while on the track,
  4. Drivers may use as many pit personals as desired.
  5. Drivers, riders, and crew members must attend pit meetings. Any controversies will be taken up at the drivers meeting.
  6. Drivers and all people entering pit area must sign Entry Form and Release of Liability Form prior to entering pit area.  Anyone that will be in the pits will have to pay entry fee (driver, rider, crew and anyone staying in the pits).  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
  7. Authorized vehicles only will be allowed in the pit area. No personal vehicles are allowed.
  8. A maximum of 5 mph must be obeyed at all times in the pit area.  NO hot rodding in the pit area.  This could cause you to be disqualified.
  9. Any American make sedan or station wagon can run.  No 1970 or older Lincolns imperal sub frames. No 2003 and newer Ford, 4X$,  jeeps, trucks, convertibles, carryalls, ambulances,  taxis, hearse, vans, limousines  or other vehicles deemed inappropriate by judges.
  10. After entering pit area, all cars are to be inspected in the tech area as soon as possible.  ALL cars must be teched and registered 1 hour before show time.
  11. If you don’t pass inspection you will be allowed to make the necessary repairs and be re-inspected within 30 minutes prior to the start of the first heat.

Participation Regulations

  1. No hitting Driver's door is allowed. DO NOT HIT THE DRIVERS DOOR!!!!  Sometimes this happens, but if it it looks intentional or careless, you will be disqualified.  Don't use your door as a shield as it may cause you to get disqualified.
  2. Team driving not permitted.
  3. NO Sandbagging or holding!!  You will be disqualified.  You are given 20 seconds for aggressive hits.  1 minutes for restarts and 1 minute if you are hung up. Don’t pay possum. 
  4. Any open drivers door or fire will cause disqualified.  If a fire occurs, the competition will be stopped until fire is out. If 2nd fire occurs in the same vehicle and in the same heat or feature, the vehicle will be disqualified.
  5. All drivers and riders must wear a safety belt, long pants and DOT approved helmet (NO turtle shell or half shell helmets) at all times will under competition. Fire suit and eye protection is recommended.
  6. All drivers and riders must remain in their vehicle until heat or feature is over or until red flag is thrown.
  7. Protests should be directed to judges at earliest possible time. There will be a $150 cash-in-hand protest fee.  Only drivers in the feature may protest another car.  Driver must have cash in hand directly after feature event in order to protest and must provide specific item being protested.
  8. No consumption of alcohol by driver, rider and pit crew until the event is over.
  9. All decisions of judges are final.  If it does not say you can do it, don't do it, call first.  
  10. All cars and any debris from your car must be removed from the grounds, immediately following final feature.
  11. The driver or rider will be required to hook and unhook his/her car from the pullout tractor.

Preparation and Building of Cars

  1. All glass, plastic, chrome, interior, decking in station wagons, and all trailer hitches and brackets must be removed.
  2. No tires larger than 16", no split rims, no studded tires and no beadlocks.  Doubled tires, flaps, foam filled tires and wheel centers are okay.
  3. You must use a radiator in stock location.
  4. Original gas tanks must be removed.  You must use a boat tank or well-made fuel cell and it must be securely fastened in center of back seat area. 
  5. All cars must have working brakes.  Pinion brakes are allowed.
  6. Tranny coolers are allowed if you choose to run one, must have well-made lines with secure fittings.  FUEL LINE IS NOT OKAY!
  7. Batteries must be moved to passenger floorboard area and securely fastened.
  8. You MUST have a roof sign!!!  Minumum size 16"X16" and number must be visible to judges.
  9. Doors may be welded with maximum 4"X1/8 flat metal or chained and bolted.
  10. You are allowed to run a bar on outrside of drivers door for protection no bigger than 6" material.  Can run 6" in front of front door seam and 6" behind front foor rear seam.
  11. You are allowed to run a four point cage.  Nothing bigger than 6" material.  Must be 6" away from firewall, 5" in front of rear seat body mount.  Cage can be welded or bolted in place.  You are allowed 2-2X2X1/4 down tubes welded on each side 1" behind inside door seam, top of frame only.  Cannot go through frame.  Halo (rollever) bar can go to the top of frame but must be located right behind drivers/riders seat.
  12. You are allowed a gas tank protector no wider than 24", 6" tall located in center of the back-seat area, 2" away from rear sheet metal, 4" off of floor, cannot connect to anything other than back bar of cage.  you may weld a loop straight up off protector to protect the fuel tank.  Loop can be no taller than fuel tank.
  13. You are allowed a loaded OEM bumper or 4"X6" tube bumper with no point can be welded on.  
  14. You are allowed to shorten frame to the front most part of front body mount.
  15. Factory bumper bracket and/or shocks for that vehicle only may be used.  Must mount in stock location and cannot be welded to frame.
  16. Body bolts can be changed up to 1/2" bolts and frame if bolts are changed.  Removing metal from factory rubbers is NOT allowed.
  17. You must have at  least 1-12" hole in hood.  You may use 8-3/8" bolts to bolt hood back together.
  18. You may stuff your trunk lid but 60% must be in stock position and must have a 6"X6" inspection hole.
  19. You may put 6 - 1/2" diameter bolts in trunk lid and 6 more in the hood.  They may have a 4"X4"X1/4" washer, 2 pieces of up to 1" all thread may pass through trunk lid through a factory body mount hole.  Core support spacer maximum 3"X3"X1/4" tube 8" tall.
  20. Rear ends must be OEM factory 5 lug.  Can swap Ford to Chevy etc.  No bracing allowed.  No coil spring to leaf spring conversions or leaf spring to coil spring conversions.  Slider driveshafts are allowed.
  21. Tie rods, ball joints, and A-arms must remain stock.  You may weld 1-2"X4"X1/4" strap from upper A-arm to frame vertically to hold A-arm down or use 1-4"X1/2" bolt with a 1/2" washer.  You are allowed to change steering knuckle. 
  22. Front fender and rear quarter panels may be trimmed for tire clearance. No welding together, may use 12-3/8" bolts total per car with up to 1" washers to bolt together.
  23. Body creasing is allowed.
  24. All cars must have at least 1 strap of wire, chain or up to 3/8"X4" flat metal from roof to firewall, 6" on roof, 6" on firewall.
  25. you may run any engine/transmission in any qualifying car.
  26. Lower cradles are allowed up to 1/2" and cannot attached to frame or strengthen car in anyway.  No solid motor mounts, must have rubber and pivot.  Front plate may be used to attache accessories only alternator, power steering, etc.
  27. Frame rust may be cut out and replaced with same thickness metal.  No pulley protectors allowed.
  28. You may patch bosy rust with same thickness metal 1" past rust only.
  29. You are allowed 6-4"X6"X1/4" repair plates on bends only 1" between welds and no welds larger than 1/2".  Once you weld plates on, they cannot be cut off and moved.  Do not abuse this rule and plate a place that is not bent or you will cut it off.
  30. Cold bending of frame is allowed.


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