2-man Team Gut N Go Show

August 10th, 2023 – Moniteau County Fair

Entry per team is $250. 00 (2 cars/2 drives) does not include passengers.  Passengers will be $40.

Payout is guaranteed for 20 team count.

1st $3000

2nd $1500

3rd $750



Car Specs:

No larger than 108” wheelbase

Front wheel drive cars only

Cars must be pure stock

Only after market parts that can be used is gas tank and headers out of the hood


Front Bumper:

Must be a stock bumper off any vehicle

Bumper cannot be loaded

If bumper skin bolts on you may stich weld it

No bumper brackets

Nothing going back in frame from bumper

No plates on the front of the frame

Can weld a plate on the frame for only mounting bumper

Bumper cannot be no wider than the center of front tires.


No built struts

Absolutely no all-thread anywhere in vehicle

Drivers door can be welded shut

All other doors can have 2 – 6” welds on them and they can also be chained or wired

Hood can be held down with 6 pieces of #9 wire or 6 individual pieces of chain; 2 on each side of fender 12” long and 2 in the front can be 36” long

Must have bar, chain or wire through windshield

Inside of Car:

Cage can go 10” behind drivers seat

2 down tubes welded to the floor and a continuous halo

Batteries must be secured to the passenger side floor board

If using an after market fuel cell it can either be hung from cage or secured to the floor, if tank is in front of rear axle under the car it can stay.

No reinforcing rear axle

Cannot run forklift tires on rear of car you may run donuts on the rear axle.  You can run skid loader tires on drive axle absolutely no weld in centers on rims.

Trunks may be wired or chained in 4 spots, absolutely no welding on trunk lid.  Will need to have a 4” hole on trunk lid.

Radiator must stay in factory location.


No body shaping

No bending of car

Absolutely no welding on any part of car except for what is stated above in the rules.

All cars must have fuel kill switch if you have after-market fuel cell.

 No aftermarket pedals, gear shift, or steering.  Only after-market items you may use are stated above.