General Rules

  1. All rules will be followed or you will not run.  Judge's decisions are final.
  2. All drivers, riders and crew must sign the waiver.  Must be 16 years old to drive or ride.  If under 18 have to have parental permission slip signed. 
  3. All drivers and crew members must attend the drivers meeting. Any complaints that a drivers has about another car prior to the start of the first heat will need to be addressed in the drivers meeting.  If nothing is said in meeting we don't want to hear about it after the show.
  4. No hot rodding in the pits must keep it at an idle.  This will be the quickest way to be disqualified.
  5. Drivers must wear selt belt, and DOT approved helmet (no turtle shell helmets) and (fire jacket recommended).
  6. You are given 1 minute to make aggressive hit.  After 1 minute that paticular car will be disqualified.
  7.  If any questions please call first!!  We can't stress enough to call first.
  8. All cars must start as a factory non-modified car, nothing can be added other than what's stated in these rules.  You can use any 1980 newer front wheel drive car, minivan or cross over.  No all wheel drivers, or full frame vehicles.  You can any tire 17inch or smaller  Anything can be removed from car (hood, trunk lid, washer tank anything that may be in the way) wiring harness can also be relocated to keep from getting pinched.  You can also duct tape or chain door pillars.
  9. No Grader Blades allowed 

Here's what has to be done to vehicle

  1. Remove all glass, mirrors, exterior trim, head and tail lights, front and rear plastic bumper covers.  Interior doesn't have to be removed.
  2. Battery has to be relocated to passenger floor board and bolted down, not strapped down by ratchet straps.
  3. You must have a bar across drivers door it may go past door seams 8" but no more than 8".  You can use any kind of steel for door bar EXCEPT grader blades.  C channel works well.  You can fasten door bar to door with all tread, bolts, chain or cable.  You can also run a bar behind front seat from door pillar to door pillar.  You must angle off ends of doos bar so that they are not sharp.
  4. You will be allowed to run 4 point floating cage inside the car across the dash and behind the front seat and connectig the dash bar and seat bar.  We highly recommend this but is not mandatory.
  5. You can weld drivers door shut 5 on 5 off 3" by 1/8 thick strap (this is optional you don't have to weld door).  But all doors must be at least chained shut.
    Must be factory front bumper and weld, chain, or bolt on a piece of 4X4 tube.  It CANNOT be wider then car.  No material can be added to inside or outside of frame.  
  6. Fuel tank don’t have to be moved if they are in front of rear axle 
  7. You must run chain, cable or #9 wire from roof to cowl panel.
  8. Hood must have a 12" hole cut in case of fire and can only be chained or wired shut.  NO ALL THREAD it can wrap around upper radiator support and threw hood.  Do not wire hoods shut until after inspection.
  9. Headers are allowed 
  10. Air bags have to be removed from cars or prove to the Tech thaty they are unhooked.
  11. All vehicles have to have protection on driver and passenger doors.  Must have a bar behind  front seat going from side to side for additional protection.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  WILL NOT RUN if no bar is present during inspection.
    If anything is found inside of the frame that is not allowed you will not be inspected and will not run that night and no refunds!!!!!