2 Man Team Show

April 29 & 30; Macon, MO

Stock will be limited to 50 teams, entry will be $200 per team

Compact will be limited to 25 teams, entry will be $200 per team  FOR MACON ONLY NO CRADLE ALLOWED

Heats will be running on Friday

Consolations and Features will run on Saturday

Pay out for team shows:

Stock: 1st $4000; 2nd $2000; 3rd $1000

Compact: 1st $3000; 2nd $1500; 3rd $800

Registration will open January 10th and payment will be done via mail (check or money order), make payable to J & B Promotions LLC.  Will need name of both drivers, color of car, number of cars and where located. Send to Gary Jones 53776 Swiss Valley Road, Jamestown, MO 65046.

Both cars must be painted identical and cannot run same number per team.

Any questions regarding Stock please contact either Paul Smith at 573-682-0513 (between 6pm – 10pm) or Jeremey Baker at 573-470-9203. Questions regarding Compact please contact Garrett Jones at 573-694-9356 or Dylan Oliver at 573-544-6801.


Filler classes will be Gut N Go and Big Car Wire & Chain

For Wire & Chain: 80 and newer; 2- ¾” All Thread through front body mounts (no changing of body mounts; must be factory mounts); wire or chain through remaining of car.

Gut N Go and Wire and Chain classes will run on Saturday

Can per register but don’t have to. If pre-register must specify if Gut n Go or Wire & Chain class. $50 per car in these two classes.

Pay out for filler classes:

Gut N Go: 1st $800; 2nd $400; 3rd $200

Wire & Chain: 1st $1000; 2nd $500; 3rd $250

Any questions regarding Gut N Go or Wire & Chain class please contact Gary Jones 573-289-1236